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CISO Series is a specialized initiative within the 3novex Global framework, dedicated to addressing the needs of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other professionals in the cybersecurity domain. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, including cybersecurity conferences, workshops, round tables, and micro-events tailored to meet the specific requirements of cybersecurity technology providers. Additionally, the CISO Series ensures consistent communication through newsletters, delivering a wealth of content and news to keep its audience thoroughly informed about the latest developments and trends in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity

Upcoming Events

Our Past Partners

Connecting Dots

"Interesting topics, Great Speakers and audience. Stimulating exchange over coffee and lunch."

Prashant Murthy, Estée Lauder Companies- Executive Director: IT - Emerging Markets

"Interesting conference as we can learn threats, tools and preparation on global recession in terms of cybersecurity."
Hairul Nizam Hamdan, QA Tester, R&D, PSI Incontrol

"Holistic view of cyber resilience strategies enable audience to rethink current ways of protecting the enterprise."
Toh Shang Yee, Head of Infosec, MCIS

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