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your organization with 3novex Global—where leadership meets innovation for unparalleled success

Future Events

Future Events

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About Us

Welcome to 3novex Global, your premier B2B conference organizer with a footprint in the vibrant business landscapes of the UAE and Malaysia. We specialize in curating exclusive conferences tailored for leaders and C-Suite executives, empowering departments and organizations to thrive in the modern business landscape.

Our events serve as a nexus for innovation, attracting cutting-edge technology providers eager to showcase their latest technologies and software. These solutions are meticulously crafted to address the challenges faced by C-Level decision-makers, offering unparalleled insights and transformative strategies. Elevate your organization with 3novex Global—where leadership meets innovation for unparalleled success.

3novex Global


"Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders, Today."


"At 3novex Global, our mission is to curate and host unparalleled B2B conferences, seamlessly connecting visionary C-level executives with cutting-edge technology providers. We strive to foster innovation, facilitate meaningful collaborations, and inspire transformative leadership. Through our events, we aim to equip organizations with the insights and partnerships necessary to navigate the dynamic landscape of business and technology, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success.

LDHRT 2023 Event
FMRC 2023 Event

Providing professional training courses for individuals and organizations


Hosting tactical and strategic conferences with expert speakers and panelists


Organizing international and local summits on various topics and sectors



Offering in-house training solutions tailored to your needs and goals

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