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We provide Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology Solutions specifically designed for your industry.

AR/VR Solutions

Welcoming you to the Smart Digital World!

Reimagining Education
Transforming Lives

New skills development for more complex jobs in an unpredicted future scenario Today, technicians and professionals need to be more proficient and continue to change and adapt rapidly as new tasks become more complex Finding the right information at the right moment Technicians need real time access to all information, to take fast and complex decisions.

The need for an efficient and effective workforce needs to accelerate the training processes to pivot the transformation process of their companies VR/AR technology, integrated with other advanced technologies, is the most efficient and fastest way to educate new employees and prepare them for their future daily work.

Immersive Technology in Education and Technology

Get to know the operation of a plant through the tour and experimentation in realistic immersive environments in the first person

Identify the different areas of the plant and the operation of its main components

Interact with the environment freely and with the main operational areas

Identify the different established operating protocols

Optimize and accelerate the learning process, through immersive simulation in real environments


Reduce costs in training, operations and maintenance budgets

Ensures consistency and efficiency through digital data integration in an Immersive Ecosystem

Realistic and efficient training of process operator and system engineers

Accelerate the training process through learning by doing and real experiences

Improving quality and standards protocols


Ensures investment protection through faster and better decisions through experiential training


Comply with environmental, health and safety regulations

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Main Features

Immerse students in interactive and immersive 3 D training simulations

Access real time and interactively design and operation information

Remote learning and training processes

Incorporate the company’s work team with innovative technology

Provide students and instructors with immediate feedback and results


Easy access to all areas/ sections of the platform


Generation of views and actions according to the roles of the defined operators


Innovative and intuitive user interface


Application accessible in Microsoft Mixed Reality mode, from any compatible device

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Oil & Gas

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